INORA ABC provides a wide range of consulting services to tenderers as follows:

• analytical review of the correctness and legality of the tender documentation with the aim of detecting irregularities in TD that greatly favor certain tenderers or have eliminating provisions
• declaring appeal on the Tender documentation in cooperation with law firm
• interpretation of the Tender documentation and giving an opinion on individual questions and/or concerns of the tenderer
• help in making bids
• a final review of the bid before submitting it and elimination of irregularities or deficiencies of the bid
• delivery of the bid to the client and participation at the opening of bids
• helping the tenderers during the copletion or clarification of the bid on demand of client
• representation of the tenderer in a negotiated procedure
• analysis of the decision on the selection and record of the review and evaluation of bids
• inspection and detection of defects in bids of other tenderers
• analysis of justifiability of declaring an appeal in front of the State commission for supervision of public procurement procedures
• declaring appeals on the decision on selection or cancellation, in cooperation with law firm
• filing a lawsuit at the Administrative courts in case if State commission for supervision of public procurement procedures fails to adopt an appeal, in cooperation with law firm

INORA ABC also offers its clients the ability to connect with other bussiness subjects and merge their common interests and establishing of a consortium or joint venture.